Call for papers in Engineering & Technology discipline by International Journal of Innovative Technology and Creative Engineering


Original papers are invited in the area of computer science, Engineering and Technology. Research papers in engineering, including systems analysis, design, implementation, synthesis and maintenance. Type of papers could be review papers, case studies, position papers or reports like technical reports, engineering reports on a methodological with conclusions.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

Engineering Computing

Autonomic and autonomous systems, Ad-hoc Wireless Networks, Algorithms, Bio-technologies, Context-aware systems, Cellular Networks, Computer Networks Complexity, Cognitive science and knowledge agent-based systems, Digital information processing, Data Mining, Evolutionary computation, Internet and web technologies, Industrial systems, Image Processing, Intelligent techniques, logics, and systems, Information technologies, Information Systems, IPv6 Today - Technology and deployment, Knowledge virtualization, Knowledge for global defense, Knowledge data systems, Knowledge processing, Mobile and distance education, Multicast and Broadcast Networks, Mobile Computing, Mobility and multimedia systems, Modeling, Networking and telecommunications, Networking technologies, Natural Language Processing, Speech Synthesis, Security in network, systems, and applications, Systems performance, Systems and Applications, Stenography, Software development and deployment, Systems and networks on the chip Optimization, Software Engineering, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Local Area Networks

Engineering Concepts, Relations and Methodologies

Engineering Education, Engineering and Environment and Entrepreneurship, Virtual Collaborative Engineering Environments and Organizations, Globalization Industry, Problem and Project based Learning, Government Policies, Partnership and Collaboration, Curriculum Development and Delivery,Industry and Community Engagement, Design Engineering and Engineering Design, Engineering Management, Philosophy and Engineering,Philosophy and Technology, Engineering and Ethics, Professional Ethics, Engineering and Sustainable Development, Engineering Sustainability, Engineering and Society,Technological Development and Innovation, Role of Technological Innovation in Economic, Technology Strategy,Financing Innovation, Managing Research & Development, Commercialising Research, Technological Collaboration, Managing Customers and Operations, Predicting Future Markets.

Disciplinary Research and Development

Civil Engineering including Structural Engineering and Building Services, Applied Sciences, Applications of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Bio-sciences Organizational and Management Engineering, Method Engineering, Project Engineering,Team Engineering, Knowledge Engineering and Management, Corporative and Business Engineering, Service Eng, Entrepreneurial Eng, Financial Eng,Administrative Eng, Economic Eng, Business Processes Re-Engineering, Social Systems Engineering and Social Technologies and Design, Social Technologies, Cognitive Engineering and Human-Systems Integration, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Aerospace, Marine and Agricultural Engineering, Mechatronics,Robotics, Electrical Engineering including Power Generation, Transmission, and Power Systems, Technologies and EconomicsChemical Engineering and Mining, Materials Sciences and Engineering,Energy Engineering, Petroleum and Nuclear Engineering, Energy Management Engineering, and Energy Conservation & Energy Efficiency, Electronics Engineering, Communications Systems Engineering and Control Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering and Information Systems Engineering and Information Technologies, Medical Engineering and Bio-Engineering.

All submitted papers will be reviewed based on their quality by the technical committee and reviewers. Papers that describe research and experimentation are encouraged.

Paper Submission Last Date for current month will be last working day

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