March 2021 Issue Vol.11 No.3


Bahia Khalfan Al-Dhikhri #1, Shaima Ali Salim Al-Habsi#2, Dr. M. Senthilkumar#3
Department of Information Technology,
University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Ibra,
Sultanate of Oman.

Abstract: Nowadays, communication is very important and developed a lot. In digital communication it’s important to secure the transmitted information and data between sender and receiver. In this research, we present network security techniques to protect networks using cryptography and steganography in Oman. We are discussing about the network security to transfer the data using cryptography algorithm. In addition, steganography techniques also apply for the network protection to enhance the security.

Simulation Configuration and Performance Metrics EZBRP, SACBRP, BIABRP

#1Senthil Jayapal, #2Annadurai Manickam nadar, #3Ramesh Palanisamy
Department of Information Technology,
University of Technology and Applied Sciences- IBRA
Sultanate of Oman

Abstract: Abstract-Network Simulator (Version 2), widely known as NS2, is simply an event-driven simulation tool that has proved useful in studying the dynamic nature of communication networks. Both wired and wireless network functions and protocols (e.g., routing algorithms, TCP, UDP) can be simulated using NS2. In general, NS2 provides users with a method of specifying such network protocols and simulating their corresponding behaviors.

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