August 2021 Issue Vol.11 No.8

Internet of Things in Smart Home Appliances

Dr.D.Rajakumari 1, S.Karthika 2
Department of Computer Science, Nandha Arts and Science College, Erode, Tamilnadu, India

Abstract: The large-scale implementation of IoT devices promises to transform many aspects of the way we live. For consumers, new IoT products like Internet-enabled appliances, home automation components, and energy management devices are moving us toward a vision of the “smart home’’, offering more security and energy effectiveness. Other personal IoT devices like wearable robustness and health monitoring devices and network-enabled medical devices are transforming the way healthcare services are delivered. This technology promises to be favourable for people with disabilities and the elderly, enabling enhanced levels of independence and quality of life at a reasonable cost. Keywords: Smart Home, Sensor, Remote, Automotive.

Continuous and Predictive Remote Wellness Monitoring with IOT and AI

Neelameghan Muralidharan
Tech Evangelist, AM Technologies and JKF Foundation, USA
hethi Inc. India/USA, e-volve Corporate Technologies, Australia

Abstract: Pandemic has challenged global economy disrupting the current way of doing business. Business continuity is on steroids is the new normal and demands being Proactive on wellness. Identity + Wellness is essential at every access point and every closed engagementlocation likefront office, back office, class room, staff rooms, recreation rooms, Library. To ensure Wellness, comprehensive health screening is the new normal along with information security and compliance. The new normal will continue to impact with various lockdowns impacting the manufacturing, banking and education sectors that are back bones of a nation.

The existing methodologies lack continuous monitoring and are designed to monitor at the entry or access with a temperature screening, face mask detection providing monitoring only at the instance. Alternatively Contact tracing with too many data points irrelevant to impact when found reactively post any wellness impact in case any individual is impacted. Both methods provide very low hit ratio of tracing others with possible anomalies for early isolated assessment or identifying potential impacted crowd. Vaccination though being a preventive measure, there is no one solution to prominently eliminating any viral impacts to human to resume business as usual.
In the US 5,800 small U.S.-based businesses, published in July 2020, revealed that 41.3% of the businesses were “temporarily closed because of COVID-19,” while 1.8% had closed their doors for good The unique IOT and AI solution brings in advantage of continuous monitoring of employees or students with body skin temperature and integrated contact tracing with predictive analytics on the bigdata creating informed decisions enabling the authorized human agents to isolate for early diagnosis upon any detection of anomalies.

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