December 2013 Issue Vol.3 No.12

A Covert Kidnapping Alert and Location Identifier (CKALI)

Matthews V.O1, Osafehinti S2, Adetiba E1, Dike Ike1,John S.N1.
1.Covenant University, Electrical/Information Engineering Department, Ota,Nigeria
2.M2M Technologies, Nigeria

Abstract: Kidnapping is the taking away or transportation of a person against that person's will, usually to hold the person in false imprisonment and confinement without legal authority. This paper reports a complete research work in kidnapping emergency alert situations. The authors were able to program a microcontroller incorporating a trigger activated GSM/GPS module to report via the GSM communication network (using SMS messaging) to a monitoring center, giving the exact position of the point where the kidnapping took place, and the route taken by the kidnappers and the victim. All the components are miniaturized using advanced very large scale integration techniques, and embedded in a belt which can be worn as a regular clothing accessory. This device (CKALI) will allow fast response and rescue of kidnapped victims; thereby saving lives and money. The paper reports its experimental results, and gives appropriate conclusions and recommendations.
Keywords: - Emergency, GPS/GSM, Kidnapping Alert, microcontroller, SMS, CKALI

Matrix Graph: A New Algebraic Graph

Dr.R.Stella Maragatham #1, S.Peninal Dhanamani *2 # Department of Mathematics, Queen Mary’s College, University of Madras, Chennai – 04 India. * Department of Mathematics, Siva Institute of Frontier Technology-Technical Campus, Affiliated to Anna University, Thiruvallur-601 103

Abstract: In the past Four decades, the study of graph theory has grown beyond leaps and bounds. In one direction, more and more new finer concepts, for example, labelling, dominations and many such graph theoretic phenomenon have been developed. On the other hand, new planar graphs have been constructed using algebraic concepts such as groups, characters and linear transformations of vector spaces.

Keywords: Matrix Graph, Algebraic Graph, Matrix Ring, Lie Algebra, Dominations

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