November 2014 Issue Vol.4 No.11

Face Image Analysis under Various Noisy Backgrounds Using Gaussian Median Filtering [GMF]
Ph.D (Research Scholar),Department of Computer Science, Erode Arts & Science College (Autonomous),Erode,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Research Supervisor & Head
Department of Computer Science, Erode Arts & Science College (Autonomous),Erode, Tamil Nadu, India.

Abstract: Today, image processing penetrates into various fields, but till it is struggling in quality issues. Hence, image enhancement came into existence as an essential task for all kinds of image processings. Various methods are been presented for gray scale image enhancement, especially for face image. In this paper various filters are used for face image enhancement. However, the authenticity of noises that might insert into an image document will affect the performance of face recognition algorithms. Hence, different filtering algorithms are presented for noise elimination using various filtering algorithm. In order to improve of the image quality Gaussian Median filtering has been applied. The experimental result shows that this method provides better enhancement in term of quality when compared with the existing methods such as Mean filter, Wiener Filter and laplacian filter. The peak Signal Noise Ratio (PSNR) and Mean Square Error (MSE) are been used for similarity measures.

Keywords: Mean Filter (MF), Median Filter, Wiener Filter, Gaussian Median Filter (GMF),PSNR, MSE.

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