March 2012 Issue Vol.2 No.3

Development of a Coconut Dehusking Machine for Rural Small Scale Farm Holders

B. N. Nwankwojike, O. Onuba, U. Ogbonna
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Nigeria.

Abstract: A coconut dehusking machine comprising of two rollers with spikes, screw conveyor, barrier plates, conveyor belt, two spur gears and a handle was developed for small scale production in the rural areas. Performance test analysis conducted shows that the machine dehusks coconut fruits without nut breakage and distortion of the extracted fibre length and also that its average dehusking efficiency and capacity are 93.45% and 79 coconuts per hour. All materials used in the fabrication of this machine were of standard specifications and locally sourced. The estimated cost for producing one unit of the machine is thirty five thousand, six hundred and sixty-five naira (N35,665.00). The machine also eliminated dependency on the epileptic public electric power supply in our rural areas which the major obstacle in the use of other mechanized coconut dehusking equipments in the rural areas.

Keywords: Coconut, dehusking machine, dehusking capacity, efficiency, small scale farmers,

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