May 2021 Issue Vol.11 No.5

IOT Based Automatic Solar Panel Cleaner

Yaseen Mubarak Al-Malki,
Department of Information Technology
University of Technology and Applied Sciences – IBRA
Sultanate of Oman

Abstract: In these days, the world is heading to use endless power sources like solar power, wind power etc. In order to gain energy from these resources we need some devices that convert this natural power to electricity or fuel. However, these devices like solar panels or generators need maintenance and sometimes special conditions to work and these conditions are not neutrally available all the time. Our project comes to break the challenges which are faced by one of these devices which is solar panels. The main challenge for this device is dirt and dust or any climate condition so our role is to make it efficient whatever the weather is.


Aala Ibrahim Al-Handhali#1, Halya Jaber Al-Salmani#2, Dr. M.Senthilkumar#3,
Department of Information Technology,
University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Ibra,
Sultanate of Oman.

Abstract: Large data has become a serious subject of research in all areas of government, academia and institutions as a result of the rapid development of information technology. Large data brings opportunities that are not available through small data in many areas, such as business, education and health care. On the other hand, massive data development still faces many security and privacy issues over the life of large data due to its huge quantity. Security and privacy issues may affect users and businesses. It also impairs the expected progress of data and huge opportunities. In this search paper, we first reviewed BIG DATA and its characteristics. The new security challenge posed by the big data, the first five security risks, and as we discussed the privacy and security challenges of big data problems and finally, we discussed the discovery technology of threats based on big data and Approaches for security in big data. Security analysis techniques and their characteristics using big data. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to clarify the challenges of big data security and privacy.

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