November 2016 Issue Vol.6 No.11

An Enhanced Mobile Security Technique using Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science,Navarasam Arts & Science College for Women, Erode,Tamil Nadu, India

Abstract: Mobile phones are most common way of communication and accessing internet based services.The Public key cryptography is effective security solution to provide secure the mobile communications. In this research work describe an ECC module to secure data encryption and decryption using public key cryptography.The implementation of ECC module can provide various security services in the form of key exchange, communication privacy through encryption, authentication of sender and digital signature to ensure message integrity. Elliptic curve cryptography is an asymmetric key cryptography. It includes (i) public key generation on the elliptic curve and its declaration for data encryption and (ii) private key generation and its use in data decryption depended on the points on two dimensional elliptical curve. The implementation of ECC on two finite fields, prime field and binary field and overview of ECC implementation on two dimensional representations of plaintext coordinate systems and data encryption through Elgamal Encryption Technique are discussed. Much attention has been given here on the mathematics of elliptic curves starting with their derivations and the proof of how points upon them form an additive abelian group for cryptographic purposes, specifically results for the group formed by an elliptic curve over a finite field, E (Fp), E (F2m) and showing how this can form public key cryptographic systems for use in both encryption and key exchange. Finally, to encrypt the data with the alphabetical table.

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