Feburary 2014 Issue Vol.4 No.2

Effect of Heat Transfer on the Peristaltic MHD Flow of a Jeffrey Fluid in An Inclined Channel

V.P. Rathod* and Mahadev. M.
Department of studies and Research in Mathematics, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga-585106, Karanataka, India
Corresponding Author E-mail address: rathod_vijaykumar@rediffmail.com

Abstract: Peristaltic transport of a conducting Jeffrey fluid in an inclined channel with heat transfer is studied under long wave length and low Reynolds number approximations. An exact solution is presented for the temperature field. The expressions for axial velocity, axial pressure gradient, Stream line and coefficient of heat transfer have been obtained analytically. The effect of various parameters on the flow characteristics are discussed with the help of graph.
Keywords: Jeffrey fluid, MHD flow, heat transfer, inclined channel.

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