Paper Publication Cost:

We have many evaluation criteria out of that parameters if Novelty, Innovation, Creativity are getting scores more than 8 out of 10 in average from 3 independent reviewers then your paper will not charged any fee.

To support the cost of wide dissemination of research results through publication of journal pages and production of a database of articles, the author or institution is requested to pay a page charge of £100 per article.

Option:1: Author need to visit any government school near by his village and distribute ruled notebook, pencil, eraser worth of publication cost with IJITCE logo and get pictures and letter from Head Master. Option 2: You can pay discounted publication cost for your paper to Journal. We are availing you discounted facility for your paper (To promote the research activities, we provide discounts to Residents of Zambia, Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Maldives, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan). For more details you can write to us. Option 3: No fee option: Authors own college principal need to give letter from his letter pad as "Based on his economical situation he will not be able to pay so recommending for free publication". Then this author should not be collected any money.

Default charges are for six pages, though your paper may be of some more than six pages, as per peer reviewer request, we are not charging for extra pages. This includes two Peer Review Charges, Copyright Transfer Process Charges, Publication Charges, Worldwide Indexing and Abstracting Charges, Processing Fees, Service Charges.