October 2019 Issue Vol.9 No.10

Corporate Governance Summit 2019 https://ia601508.us.archive.org/34/items/oct201912/vol9no1001.pdf

Abstract: Corporate Governance has in recent times emerged as perhaps the most important issue in Business and Management, primarily because of its far-reaching impact on the society and its functioning, as demonstrated by some recent happenings in the Corporate World. Research provides robust evidence that companies that exhibit sound corporate governance generate significantly greater returns when compared to companies that exhibit poor corporate governance. Number of studies have been conducted in India and abroad investigating different components of Corporate Governance disclosure practices through annual reports.

GOOD GOVERNANCE, THE BOARD, THE GOVERNMENT AND THE OPEN GOVERNMENT INTRODUCTION: GOOD GOVERNANCE https://ia601508.us.archive.org/34/items/oct201912/vol9no1002.pdf
S. Prabhu, I.A.A.S (R),
PG Dips. In ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
Cyber Law and Patent Law (Nalsar Univ., Hyd)
MSc Defence and Strategic Studies
SAP Financial Accounting and Control
President CONSULSYS (India) Pvt Ltd.

Abstract: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in its report in 1997 defines Good Governance as an ‘exercise of economic, political and administrative authority to manage a country’s affairs at all levels.’

Corporate Governance: An Art or Science? https://ia601508.us.archive.org/34/items/oct201912/vol9no1003.pdf
Former Regional Director, RBI

Abstract: When I first heard of the term ‘Corporate Governance “ , I thought that it was just another Management Jargon , making Common sense Complicated, as Boards and Directors were always there , ever since companies came to existence. But my own experience as Nominee Director in State bank of India Group for six long years and my present tenure in a new generation bank and couple of other companies as Independent Director has made me believe Corporate Governance is something more than what was existing in the Corporate world since the days of Controller of Capital Issues! This paper is an outcome of that encounter.

INVESTIGATION OF TWIN-CYLINDER IC ENGINE VIBRATION https://ia601508.us.archive.org/34/items/oct201912/vol9no1003.pdf
Jonathon Eaton
Master of Science
University of North Dakota, College of Engineering and Mines
Mechanical Engineering, Grand Forks, ND 58202, USA

Djedje-Kossu Zahui
Associate Professor
University of North Dakota, College of Engineering and Mines
Mechanical Engineering, Grand Forks, ND 58202, USA

Abstract: This paper presents the simulation and analysis of the dynamic of a twin-cylinder internal combustion engine, with focus on balancing the shaking forces and moments in order to reduce vibrations. Low vibrations are critical to engines longevity and usability. Therefore, the work discussed herein uses nine different engine configurations to reduce first order vibrations. These are vibrations purely due to the reciprocating masses of the engine. The second order vibrations due to the kinematics of the slider crank mechanism are studied and controlled using five geometry changes. First, we briefly discuss the fundamentals of internal combustion engine vibrations in the context of shaking forces and moments, then we use Virtual Engine software package from FEV to simulate and analyse a twin-cylinder engine. The proposed simulations allow us to analyse the influence of engine configuration as well as effects of changing components such as piston mass on the vibration characteristics of the engine. The results show how the addition of balance shafts can greatly lower engine vibrations or how choosing a configuration to fit the application can further effect vibration of engines such as a 90o Vee twin with naturally low vibration. Additionally, we show in our simulation the effect of low mass crank, conrod, and piston on shaking forces and moments.
Keywords:Engine, Vibration, twin-cylinder, shaking forces, shaking moments.

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