October 2014 Issue Vol.4 No.10

Image Segmentation & Performance Evaluation Parameters

Nirmal Patel
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, India
Gurgaon Institute of Tech. & Mgmt., Gurgaon, India
Rajiv Kumar
Gurgaon Institute of Tech. & Mgmt., Gurgaon, India

Abstract: Images are widely used in all walks of life. Image use in daily needs insists upon a robust and result oriented way of analyzing images across all domains. Let it be remote sensing pictures, medical science critical image analysis, biometrics, it has proven to be indispensable to come out with a cut piece of sophisticated algorithms to dispense huge load of image processing requirements. Here we list out some of the effective ways of differentiating image pixels. Image segmentation is the way to carry out segregation of pixels as per desired criteria. Further parameters are figured out to evaluate the performance of these techniques.

Keywords: Segmentation, image processing, evaluation parameters, clustering.

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