June 2014 Issue Vol.4 No.6

Does self-efficacy effect on knowledge sharing intention in e-learning system? A motivational factor analysis in Open University Malaysia (OUM)

K. Lakshmi Devi
Research Scholar,
Mother Teresa Women’s University,Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India.
Dr. M. Arthanari
Dean, Dept of Science & Humanities,
Nehru Institute of Technology Coimbatore, India

Abstract: A novel method for segmenting heart sounds is proposed. The Algorithm composes of filtering the heart sound signal by Discrete Wavelet Transform(DWT), smoothing by moving average filters, detecting peaks with automatic threshold and Labeling of S1 and S2 sounds. In this study, the signal is normalized and decomposed using ‘daubechies-30’ wavelet. The algorithm handles High intensity murmurs and high background noise that lacks in Homomorphic Filtering and Shannon energy methods. The proposed method achieved better performances with 95% and 93% segmentation accuracies of S1 and S2. Keywords: PCG, Peak detection, Threshold, Segmentation of sounds, DWT

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