August 2012 Issue Vol.2 No.8


Research & Development Department of Nogamsazegan, Iran.

Abstract: A kind of Elastic Composite, Reinforced Lightweight Concrete (ECRLC) with the mentioned specifics is a type of "Resilient Composite Systems (RCS)" in which, contrary to the basic geometrical assumption of flexure theory in Solid Mechanics, "the strain changes in the beam height during bending" is typically "Non-linear". Through employing this integrated structure, with significant high strain capability and modulus of resilience in bending, we could constructively achieve high bearing capacities in beams with secure fracture pattern, in less weight. Due to the system's particulars and its behavior in bending, the usual calculation of the equilibrium steel amount to attain the low-steel bending sections with secure fracture pattern in the beams and its related limitations do not become propounded. Thereby, the strategic deadlock of high possibility of brittle fracture pattern in the bending elements made of the usual reinforced lightweight concretes, especially about the low-thickness bending elements as slabs, is being unlocked. This simple, applied technology and the related components and systems can have several applications in "the Road and Building Industries" too. Regarding the "strategic importance of the Lightweight & Integrated Construction in practical increase of the resistance and safety against earthquake" and considering the appropriate behavior of this resilient structure against the dynamic loads, shakes, impacts and shocks and capability of making some lightweight and insulating, non-brittle, reinforced sandwich panels and pieces, this system and its components could be also useful in "seismic areas". This system could be also employed in constructing the vibration and impact absorber bearing pieces and slabs, which can be used in "the Railroad & Subway Structures" too. Here, the "Resilient Composite Systems (RCS)" and particularly, ECRLC as a type of RCS have been concisely presented. [Meanwhile, in the related pictures & figures, an instance of the said new structure and its components and the results of some performed experiments (as the "in-bending" & in-compressive loadings of the slabs including this structure, similar to ASTM E 72 Standard) have been pointed.]

Keywords: strength of materials (solid mechanics), civil (construction), materials, earthquake (resistance and safety), resilient concrete (flexible concrete, bendable concrete, elastic concrete), composite concrete, lightweight concrete, reinforced concrete, fibered concrete, Lightweight and Integrated Construction, Rail, Road, railroad (railway), subway, bridge, resilience, energy absorption, fracture pattern, non-linear, strain changes, beam, ductility, toughness, insulating (insulation), thin, slab, roof, ceiling, wall (partition), building, tower, plan of mixture, insulating reinforced lightweight pieces, 3d, sandwich panel, foam, expanded polystyrene (eps), polypropylene, pozzolan, porous matrix (pored matrix), mesh (lattice), cement, dry mix, rcs, ecrlc

A study on Refractive index of plasma of blood of patients suffering from Tuberculosis

N. Manohar Reddy#1, D.Kothandan#2, S. Chandra Lingam#3 &Adeel Ahmad#4
#1,2 Department of physics, Sreenivasa Institute of technology and management studies, Chittor-517127, India.
#3 JNTU college of Engineering, Manthani, Karimnagar, India.
#4 Bio physics units, Department of physics, Nizam College (Autonomous), Osmania university,Hyderabad-500001, India.

Abstract: The paper presents the data of refractive index of plasma of tuberculosis patient’s blood .The refractive index of plasma of blood are measured using Abbes’ refractometer. The experimental values are compared with normal plasma of blood. The values of plasma of blood of patients suffering from tuberculosis vary from 1.343 to 1.352, whereas refractive index of plasma of normal blood is 1.351. Hence, the values of refractive index of tuberculosis blood are slightly lower when compared to that of normal blood. This optical parameter can be served as a potential tool in the medical discipline if it is standardized.

Keywords: Human plasma of blood, Refractive index profile, Tuberculosis, Abbes’ Refractometer.

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