September2015 Issue Vol.5 No.9

Development of RS and GIS based Indicator for Paddy Cultivation Lands
Asst. Professor, Dept. of MCA
Siddaganga Institute of Technology,Tumkur,Karnataka,India
Dr.Premasudha B.G
Professor, Dept. of MCA
Siddaganga Institute of Technology,Tumkur,Karnataka,India
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Erode Arts & Science College (Autonomous), Erode, Tamil Nadu, India

Abstract: Paddy is most significant food crop for the people of many countries in the world. Especially the majority of Asians primary occupation is agriculture. The cultivation of paddy products has been reduced day by day due to various reasons. One important fact among many reasons is natural disaster that suffers the cultivation of crops in many ways. Thus, utilizing available technologies leads to improvement in the fields of the agriculture cultivation. This paper presents an approach to prepare an index model for cultivation lands that is suitable to guide the time and place to cultivate paddy crops. Remote sensing and GIS was used to develop this model. In order to predict the land is suitable or not to cultivate paddy crops some of the parameters include topography, physical and chemical soil properties are considered. To prepare the model with these mechanisms, western coastal plain land located in between Western Ghats as well as the Arabian Sea in Karnataka was selected.

Keywords: GIS; Remote Sensing; index model; rice cultivation.

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