September 2021 Issue Vol.11 No.9

Building Innovative Startup Ecosystems

Chairman, Microtech Global Foundation,
Dr.Rajaram Venkataraman
CEO, Veltech TBI | Convenor and Head, FICCI TNSC Technology

Abstract: Abstract— For India to be a $5tn economy by 2024 and for India to be in the top 5 of Global Innovation Index, we need to have vibrant and innovative startup ecosystems which continuously solve business & social problems with innovative ideas, create jobs, intellectual property, be a maker for the world and self propel themselves with leading edge thinking, predictive capabilities, smart infrastructure and superior execution.
Keywords: startup, ecosystems Home,


Mohammed R. Rafi #1, Vinayak G.Pai #2, Dr. K.Kumar#3
Department of Information Technology,
University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Ibra,
Sultanate of Oman

Abstract: Abstract— In this paper, we are going to use data mining for effective database techniques. There are three data mining techniques; these are classifications, clustering, and association. In addition, we have discussed about how the data mining helps in education and health sectors. In education, it used to manage the record of students in effective way and in the health sectors, it has, important role in diagnosis and prediction of the diseases plays a significant role in prediction and diagnosis of the diseases.

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