December 2014 Issue Vol.4 No.12

Energy Efficient Location Privacy Preserving Based On Service Level Agreement in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
J.Partha sarathy
Research Scholar, Anna University, Chennai.

Abstract: To establish an Energy Efficient Location Privacy Preserving (EELPP) Protocol for MANETs the intention of network to the location. It makes important reduction in the energy consumption of the mobile nodes batteries by restrictive the area of discover a new direction to a less important zone. Thus, organize packets overhead are considerably reduced. In EELPP an orientation wireless base station is used and the network's round area centered at the base station is alienated into six equivalent sub-areas. At route discovery in its place of flooding control packets to the complete network area, they are flooded to simply the sub-area of the target mobile node. The base station stores locations of the movable nodes in a point table. Service Level Agreement (SLA) supports application server technologies with active resource management; request servers can animatedly alter the quantity of resources assign to hosted applications on-demand so as to get together application-level Quality of Service requirements. To demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed protocol we present simulation using NS-2. Simulation consequences show that EELAR protocol makes a development in control packet above your head and delivery ratio compared to AODV, LAR, and DSR protocols. To reduce the energy cost, nodes are active only during data transmission and the intersection of node creates a larger compound node, to reduce the number of fake packets and also boost solitude preservation. Simulation and analytical results demonstrate that our scheme can provide stronger privacy protection than routing-based schemes and requires much less energy than data preventing based.

Keywords: SLA, EELPP, Quality of Service, MANET.

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