June 2013 Issue Vol.3 No.6

Peristaltic transport of a micropolar fluid in an inclined channel with permeable walls

G. Sudhakar Rao1,B.Shankar1,SVHN Krishna Kumari.P2
1Department of Mathematics, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.
2 Department of Mathematics, Auroras Scientific Technological Research Academy, Bandlaguda, Hyderabad, INDIA .

Abstract: The peristaltic transport of a micro polar fluid in an inclined channel of half width ‘a’ with permeable walls is discussed . The effect of various parameters on the pumping characteristics is discussed through graphs.
Keywords: Peristalsis, Micropolar Fluid , Permeable Walls.

A comprehensive study of potential zone and low head hydro system in Bangladesh

Md. Ruhul Amin#1, Rajib Baran Roy#*2, Md. Mahmudul Hasan#3
#Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
*Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering,
#University of Information Technology and Sciences (UITS),
Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.

Abstract: Running down the fossil fuel and the incapability to meet up the increasing demand of electricity is some problem for the economic development of Bangladesh. The country is getting trouble due to carbon emission of developed country. Bangladesh has several rivers and canals providing off- grid network. This paper focuses on the potential of micro-hydropower plant in Bangladesh. This paper also replicates on energy scenario of Bangladesh. To progress the economy of Bangladesh it is need to explore green energy providing good investigation on establishment of extensive micro-hydropower plant. The most likely sites for micro-hydropower have low head(less than 10m) that also has a regular disparity. Thus the selection of suitable turbine has a vital role on the sustainability of the project. The present potential sites are mentioned and means to identify new sites are outlined by performing hydrology studies, topographic studies, head calculations, turbine selection and so onward.

Keywords: Hydro Power, Micro Hydro, Mini Hydro, Crossflow Turbine, Propeller Turbine.

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